Sunday, March 27, 2011

1st Easter Card

I made a 5inch square card and did the ruffled ribbon technique again.  I am hoping to get this one entered in the Bunny Challenge over at
If you look closely you might even find a few cat hairs on this card as my cat likes to "help" me when I craft, LOL! 


  1. Cute Easter bunny!
    Stop by my blog, I left you an award!

  2. Cute Easter Card :0) It is really nice. It reminds me that I do not own a single Easter Cartridge :0( Maybe this year LOL

  3. So sweet! Love the pear for the eye! I'm your newest follower. I found you from Esther's blog because of the blog award we received...congrats!

  4. Very cute! Love the ruffled ribbon. I will have to give it a try.

  5. very cute card! love the ribbon i must give that ago! im now a new follower

  6. What a cute card:)

  7. so cute i want to eat it lol!
    I fallowed your link from momo!

  8. super sweet card. This is "the bunny" the one that always reminds me of spring and easter :)

    The first song on your profile totally made my day! Who doesn't love disney :)

    Thanks for sharing your projects...looking forward to going through them! I'm following you via momo's blog :)

    Please stop by my site when you get a chance!

    If you scroll down my blog, you'll find a surf blog thread that I started Friday...
    you only need to enter your page site and it will allow people to visit your site and follow you, as well as give you new pages to look at.

    Hope you join :)

  9. Ahh! I'm so silly....the song was playing on another page was about dancing and your blog is I figured it was ur page song :)

    Are you a dance teacher??? I am too!

    Take care!

  10. Love the bunny, it looks yummy! I came here because Momo sent me...and I am a new follower!