Monday, May 30, 2011

Card for my husband's birthday and a great quote (prayer)

Sunday was my hubby's birthday.  I don't think it was one of his best ones unfortunately.  On the way to church a kind man driving in the car next to us informed us we had a flat tire.  So back home we headed, filled the tire with air and then we were REALLY late for church.  Came home and when he was fixing the tire he broke a stud.  Several hours later, stud is fixed and flat is fixed. (I think he is a stud:-)  But, we will need new tires before the end of summer.  Here is the card I made him for his birthday.  I should have stopped before the stickles but couldn't help myself, oh well.

My mother-in-law gave my dh a card with a bookmark attached and the quote on the bookmark was so good I wanted to share it with you all -

Lord, I have too much to do,
but it's all important.
Help me to set priorities
so that I don't feel lost
in the pace and the pressure.
Give me the wisdom
and energy
to accomplish what's necessary
without wasting time or effort.
And help me make
the best use of my day,
remembering that time
is a precious gift from You.


  1. The card is adorable. I hope your studly guy had a happy birthday despite the tire inconveniences. Thanks for sharing the lovely prayer!

  2. Sorry to hear about the unfortunate events. My hubby would definitely love the golf card too.