Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freezer Paper Tshirt

My first crafty project in awhile!!  We were on a vacation in Disneyland.  Had fun, it was the first time we had been as a family, first time for my kids.  The end of our vacation looked like this -

So, a set of new tires and an extra nite in California later, we are home safe and sound.  Only to discover that the plug on the freezer had gotten bumped out of the electrical outelt during the chaos of packing for the trip and now I have a chest freezer FULL of bad meat and berries, SAD!!  Almost like a bad vacation movie, huh?! 

Anywho, the t shirt is a gift for my former dance student who also was a babysitter (nanny as we called her) for my kids over the years.  We had talked about making this t shirt for far too long and it was time to just "git er dun" so we did:-)   I used the freezer paper technique along with fabric paint.  The logo is an svg I picked up somewhere out in bloggy world - thank you to whomever I got that one from. 

I think I would like to give heat transfer vinyl a try as it would have been quicker!  Thanks for stopping by today:-)

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  1. Great job on the shirt!! It is so cute! I haven't tried doing a shirt with the freezer paper but have used the heat t-shirt vinyl and I love it!!! Definitely give it a try!