Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My expression just died!!

Help!!  Call 9-1-1!!  I think my expression just died.  I have the plum one from Walmart Black Friday 2010.  I had just finished a cut and was talking to my hubby when we heard a weird noise and then nothing.  I looked at my E and the screen was black.  I tried plugging it in a different outlet - no luck.  Anybody else experience this!!  For all the money we invest in these babies they ought to hold up better than that!!  I will call PC tomorrow but would appreciate any advice too:-)  Keep you posted.  Good news is I still have my baby bug!


  1. At least you have a backup, I hope you get yours fixed soon and w/o much trouble.

  2. I'm so sorry! I have had mine since Black Friday 2009 and it's starting to sound rough. I'm hoping for it to at least hold out til BF sales this year. Is it still under warranty? I hope so!